Do This Exercise Everyday To Lose Bellyfat


Most people struggle with their weight , they try different slimming pills, go hungry just to lose weight. Worst still they see no weight lost despite several studious effort they put in. This can be discouraging isn’t it? But do you know that there is a way of losing weight including belly fast which is cost-effective as you don’t need to break a bank to do this! Do you really want to know what it is ? It is Walking!

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Walking is one of the oldest Exercise that exist and you will marvel at what Walking can do to you if you are consistent with it. All you need is a good music player with headset and a set of good trainers to do your Walking daily. After walking for at least 30 mins daily consistently you will notice a difference in your weight especially around your belly as Walking tones the tummy. Apart from that it helps your leg as it strengthens the bone in your legs thereby giving you a stronger leg, it also helps shape your leg especially if you are one of those that gains weight on the leg (Yam leg),Walking daily helps put those legs in shape!

Walking also improves the endorphins in your brain and what you notice as a result of this is that you have a better mood, you feel happy and also have increased energy. So whenever you are stressed up it’s always good to take a walk and boost  your endorphins to feel better. Walking is also a good way to prevent stroke and other heart disease, how you may ask? When you are walking the blood pumps and oxygen is circulated all around your body thereby regulating your heart and keeps it healthy.

Finally,If possible start your day by walking at least for 30 mins as this will help put you in the right mood for the day and refresh your mind and heart to think clearly and take better decisions.


5 Replies to “Do This Exercise Everyday To Lose Bellyfat

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  2. Quite informative but sometimes am confused, Walking and using a treadmill is there any difference? Personally I prefer using treadmill than walking

    1. I use treadmill and it works perfectly fine for me, I think you should concentrate on what works for you and helps you achieve the desired result

  3. I agree with you that Walking can crush belly fat but that is only if the person doing it watch her food intake and also eat healthy meal otherwise the belly would be like an unmovable mountain

  4. My major problem is food, I can’t just get my eyes off those sweet junk food. I use to walk daily before but when u didn’t notice any difference I had to stop. I think I have to first look for a way to control myself and eat healthy before embarking on Walking again

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