Process of Applying for Replacement of Your Marriage certificate

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The marriage certificate is considered the most vital document of a marriage. It is to prove that a couple is legally wedded. A couple’s marriage certificate becomes a requirement when applying for a passport, Visa and opening a bank account after the wedding. In case of any marriage disputes the marriage certificate is considered as a very strong evidence of the wedding.


For women a marriage certificate is very important in the case of any marriage dispute since it provides valid evidence of the wedding. If an individual wishes to get a life insurance policy he/she must present his/her marriage certificate. The importance of that little document can not be over emphasized . Unfortunately ,sometimes this very important document gets misplaced by couples.

Are you one of the couples, who has found yourself in this dilemma and is wondering if there is a way out? The good news is yes, there is a way out. You can always get a Replacement at the Marriage Registry where your marriage was registered. Getting a replacement is quite easy, I will list out the process below:

  1. You will need to write an Application addressed  to the Registrar requesting for a Replacement of your Marriage certificate . You will submit your application with the following documents;
  2. a) Police Report for  loss of the certificate,  b)A copy of the certificate, if you have any  c)A valid means of Id,  Drivers license , Nigeria international passport or Voters card.                                                         d)2passport photograph and finally               e) N10,000 as at the time of writing this.
  3. After the submission with the above documents , you check back in a week time and your new Marriage certificate is ready.Always Remember it is advisable never to laminate your marriage certificate
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13 Replies to “Process of Applying for Replacement of Your Marriage certificate

  1. I have always wondered if it was possible to get a marriage certificate and what the process could be, this post was helpful. I am saving it just in case I ever need it

  2. This article is quite helpful. I have been trying to replace a missing marriage certificate. I contacted the Federal Marriage Registry Ikoyi and I was informed that the fee has risen to ₦25,000 which I think is too outrageous.

    1. Hello Tracy, I hope you are doing well.
      How far have you gone with the process, I have gotten all the documents required, I just don’t know where or who to take it to, I tried their online retival process and it ended up being a scam. Can you assist, please? Thanks

  3. A friend of mine narrated how the person who attended to his wife was expecting her to drop something after paying the outrageous amount can you imagine that?

    1. Hello Peter, I currently having a similar issue, however, I am currently not in the country and unsure of how I can go about this.
      Can you provide any form of assistance, please? I would really appreciate if I can be able to have a word with your friend to understand how I can go about this. Thanks.

  4. Pls i will appreciate it if anyone can tell me if i can send someone on my behalf to do it for me as i am working. Perhaps i can give the person an authorization letter.

  5. I live in Europe, I sent my sister today to find out how to replace a lost certificate and the cost…..she was told 50k for original and 15k for a certified copy.
    What a country!

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