Top 40 Worst Nicknames Couples Give Each other




A pet name can come in handy if used tastefully. Many people use: “Baby” or “Honey” exclusively for their partner, especially when they’re in the habit of cheating on them, or simply have multiple partners. This avoids the embarrassing and often incriminating indiscretion of accidentally calling a person by another name.


Have you ever heard some couples pet name and you almost feel like throwing up? Today we shall be giving you some of the worst pet names that some couples call themselves  that can cause  you nausea, dry heaves or diarrhea,  Abeg dont read on a full stomach!


Top 40 Worst Pet Names
(nicknames couples give each other)

Poopsy Doodles
Lover Bunny
Pooky Bear
Wittle Nookie Nuk-Nuks
Smoochy Buckets
Fluff Bumpsky
Kitten Pickles
Pudgy Pops
Oojy Coojy Woojy Moojy Poo-Poo
Honey Bunny Buckles
Cookie Pops
Squeegee Cakes
Silly Willy Jigabilly
Puddin’ Knickers
Monkey Chicklets
Moo Moo Flops
Snuggle Sausage
Love Puddle
Moushy Goushy Toushy
Snoopy Snails
Fuzzy Jujubear
Booboo Bungalo
Licky Stickypoo
Chickadoodle Doo Doo
Muffy Peckers
Fudge Nuggets
Juicy Pooper
Creamy Jiggles
Flubber Cheeks
Puppy Puddles
Bunny Scuppers
Cuddle Chutney
Moo Goo Guy Pan
Mr. Binkle
Squeaky Wiggles
Coochie Custard
Honey Bunches of Cuddle Muffins

If you or anyone you know addresses their little Pun’kin Pudd’n this way, even in the privacy of their home, please, do the world a favor and funwon ni tea to Lata !



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