Dating Site OkCupid Bans Chris Cantwell For Being A White Supremacist


The Dating site OkCupid Has banned Chris Cantwell for life from their site for being a white supremacist. According to a tweet from their official handle, immediately they were alerted that there was a white supremacist on their site, they immediately banned him for live. Chris Cantwell was seen participating in the white supremacist riot in Charlottesville.

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They made it Clear that there was no space for hate on their site as their site is meant for love and as such they would not accommodate anyone who is racist. Nice move you say! You are not alone as many Americans are happy with this brave decision OkCupid has taken and they are glad a dating site can stand up for the masses. See How People express their feelings regarding OkCupid decision.

It’s sad that we live in a world where people believe that because of their colour, race, ethnicity that they are better of than other people. Unfortunately this hatred has been instilled in them right from infancy and as adult they ain’t ready to change. The fact that you are White or Black doesn’t make you superior or inferior, infact why would any sane person think like that? These are things you have no control over, just as you have no control over whom your parents are or what family you are born into.

If you are white and you believe the white are superior, have you ever thought of the fact that you could have been born a Black would that have made you less human. It is time we all start realizing that the world can only be a better place if we look beyond our colour, race, ethnicity and social status. Let’s show love❤️ to each other! If you listen to news everyday you will see a lot of hateful acts happening around the globe, this is because there is no more love left in the heart of many humans. It is quite unfortunate that even though humans are the most reasonable of the creator’s  creation but they seems to be the most wicked because you won’t see a lion kill a fellow lion or a tiger kill a fellow tiger because this tiger is from Africa and the other Tiger is from the western world. Let’s preach love and live love, let’s stop all this white Supremacist. We are all one regardless of our race, if it means acting like kids, let’s do it in order to live peacefully as humans.

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