ESUT Academic Transcript Verification Process And Contact Details Of The Verification Officer

If you have applied for ESUT transcript and it has been sent to your recipient, sometimes your recipient might want to verify the authenticity of the transcript by sending either an e-mail or a physical mail to ESUT requesting for verification of the transcript. In case you are wondering how to apply for esut transcript read it here⏩ESUT Academic Transcript Application Process

Depending on if the recipient is within or outside the country determines how long the physical mail will get to ESUT but as you know the e-mail request is received instantly. At worst case the physical mail will not take more than 2weeks to get to ESUT.

When ESUT receives the mail, they need to verify that the Transcript is original and was actually sent by them -this is what is called VERIFICATION. ESUT will not verify it without you going through the verification process. What is the verification process?

First, you need to pay 20000 naira or its equivalent in dollar. Unlike the request for the transcript that you can pay online or even pay at the bank and send a copy of your deposit slip via email, the verification payment can’t be paid online except at the bank. Moreover, if you pay at the bank you need to provide the physical deposit slip at ESUT transcript office, photocopy or scanned copy via email is not acceptable.

Esut Transcript Payment

This might be challenging especially if you live abroad or live outside Enugu or don’t know anyone that can help you make the payment and take the original copy of the deposit slip to ESUT transcript office. Don’t worry i will address that later, just read on!

Note that without making this payment ESUT will not verify the Transcript. Hence, you must ensure you quickly make the payment to hasten the verification process. Once you make the payment and take your deposit slip to ESUT within 2-3 days the transcript will be verified.

You might be thinking now , what of if you reside outside the country or you stay in the country but stay outside Enugu and don’t have anybody there to help you make the payment what would you do? Well, there is goodnews!

The goodnews is that there is a staff at the transcript office that can help you out and for free. Once he has agreed to assist you, all you need to do is to transfer the money (N20000) to him and he will help you make the payment.

The ESUT Transcript staff is very trustworthy and you can reach him on this number- 0706 520 8980 ( Mr Ekene) only call him if its for verification of your transcript. Also note that he is not under obligation to do it but out of kindness he can decide to help you make the payment.

At worst case three days after you send him the money to make payment for you , your transcript will be confirmed to the recipient. If your recipient tells you the verification hasn’t been received just reach out to him to check but once he tells you its be verified that means its be verified just follow up with the recipient.

That concludes the verification process.

9 Replies to “ESUT Academic Transcript Verification Process And Contact Details Of The Verification Officer

  1. Thanks so much you are a live saver, you can’t believe i have been waiting for them to confirm to wes not knowing i still have to pay for verification. Thanks a bunch for this post.


  2. I love this post very detailed. You can’t believe i have been searching the web for contact details of the people that works at the registra but couldnt find. Someone i used to know even asked me to pay him to help me get the number. Thank God i didn’t pay him before i saw this.

  3. Thanks so much. Someone I called have been turning me around. Called the number there and spoke with the man. So glad I saw this

  4. Sir i paid for transcript since feburuary but it has not sent to my desired university.what could be the problem

  5. Please, I urgently need the cover letter for English Proficiency, and I have submitted my application with payment online. Please, what can I do next to get it very quickly?

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