Can Blender Blend Beans


Are you looking for the best blender for beans? Or are you just looking for blender for beans? Perhaps you are wondering how to blend beans for moi moi with blender, you’ll get answers to all these questions in this post.


First, can blender blend beans? The answer is Yes! Blender can be used to blend beans. Blender can be used to blend beans for your moi moi or whatever else you want to use the blended beans for. However, you must note that it is not all blender that can do these and also successfully blend the beans smoothly. So if you want to blend your beans with blender you must get the right blender which capacity can do the job for you. Which blender can then blend beans you may ask?


You need to get Binatone Blender  BLG-450 , it is one of the best blender for blending beans which I personally use and recommend ( you can read about my experience with this blender here) . I can guarantee you that this blender will blend your beans perfectly well as expected.

Binatone Blender with Grinder BLG-450
Binatone Blender with Grinder BLG-450

Now that you know that blender can blend beans and you have also seen the kind of blender you should get to blend your beans, the next question is how do you use blender to blend beans for moi moi?

Using blender to blend beans for moi moi is very easy. First, after peeling off the back of your beans and its ready for blending, take a bit of the beans and put it in the blender. It is better the beans doesn’t go more than half way the blender to give it enough space to blend well. After putting the beans in the blender you can add other ingredients you want to use for the moi moi in the blender along with the beans but remember it shouldn’t go above the middle of the blender.

Add water to the beans in the blender. The water can be on the same level with the beans or a little above the beans, this is to enable the beans blend well as it needs enough water to blend well. After putting the water, switch on the blender and start blending, after blending for like 20 seconds stop the blender and add a little more water and continue blending. Blend for 1-2 minutes and your moi moi beans paste is ready.

It is also important that you use the highest speed regulator on the blender, so your beans can blend very well. I hope this steps can guide you on how to blend beans for moi moi with blender.

Let me know your experience after going through this steps in the comment section.


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