How To Greet In Igbo Language

Greetings in igbo language

Igbo language is one of the three major languages spoken in Nigeria Africa. Igbo people appreciate communual life and as such greeting each other is part of their culture.


If you are interested in learning how to greet in igbo language, then continue reading.


Goodmorning: ibolachi


Goodnight: Kachifo

Thank you: Dalu

How are you : kedu ki ime

Welcome: Nno

How is your family : kedu maka ndi begi

How are your children: Kedu maka umugi

Welldone: jisi ike

How is your body : kedu maka Arugi

You will notice i didn’t indicate any greeting for afternoon, this is because to the best of my knowledge there is no afternoon greeting in igbo language. In the afternoon they can greet each other using a general term ‘Ndewo’ which means welldone.

Is there any greeting i missed out? Let me know in the comment section.


11 Replies to “How To Greet In Igbo Language

  1. Thanks for this, been searching for this. My spouse is igbo but am not , let me surprise my spouse by saying some of this but pronouncing it well might be my challenge

  2. What of good evening, i didnt see that there or isn’t there any form.of greeting for that. All the same nice post.

  3. Can you pls make a post on items used in the kitchen. That will be very nice. Pls write more about different things in igbo. Let me learn for free.

  4. Good morning in my own dialect is ututu oma, that dosent mean yours is wrong. Just trying to say that different igbo dialects might say some of the greetings differently according to their dialect. Though i like the way yours is, its very simple and easy to understand.

  5. I am an igbo girl but can barely speak my language. This is nice, this will help me start learning and improve. Am sure my mom will be shocked when i say one of those words.

  6. well it’s alright I don’t think if there’s good afternoon and evening greetings in Igbo language. As for for I want someone that will be teaching me Igbo very well coz am Igbo girl but I grew up in Cameroon

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