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Blocked nose is a common sickness which can cause discomfort to the affected person, a lot of remedy abounds for the cure of Blocked Nose but I will give you some remedies you can try at home to quickly treat Blocked Nose, these are remedies that I have used which has worked for me. Though some of this remedies might not work for everyone but get to know the ones that work for you and use it anytime you have blocked nose.

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Most times a blocked nose is usually seen as nothing serious until you become a victim of it. Blocked nose can cause discomfort to its victim especially at night, it deprives the victim of a comfortable night rest. Though there are many ways of taking care of blocked nose but for the purpose of this writing I will concentrate on steam inhaler as a way of getting quick relief from blocked nose.

First rule when you have blocked nose is to avoid cold drink or sleeping in a cold room without properly covering yourself. Once that has been taken care of you can use any or all of the methods below

1. Steam inhalation:boil water, pour it in a bowl, lean over the bowl with your head covered with a towel and inhale the steam, this will clear the blocked nasal and give you instant relief.

2. Hot water Bath:Boil water,pour it into a bucket add a little cold water but don’t let it become warm, and then bathed with the water. The purpose of the hot water bath is to heat up your body as what your body need at this time is enough heat to warm up your body and clear your blocked nose.

3.Shea butter: after the hot bathe rob shea butter all over your body and on your face, this will warm up your body and make you sweat thereby giving you relief to your blocked nose.

4.Exercise: You can also use exercise as a way of generating heat for your body, after a good exercise for about 20-30 mins , you will definitely get relief from your blocked nose.

5. Wear a cardigan :After doing the first four finish it up by wearing a cardigan or sweater to bed to keep you warm.

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