Why It Is Right For A Husband To Cook For His Wife


My friends have been having a hot debate about this issue since morning whether it is wrong or right for a man to cook for his wife. Marriage as you know is a union of two individuals who love and understand each other, every marriage is unique in its own way and therefore what works for couple A might never work for couple B, in marriage couples should only look out for things that will make their marriage a success and as such no roles are casted in stone.

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Imagine a couple where the wife earns double the man’s salary, do you think it would be fair for the man to solely shoulder the family burden because he is supposed to provide for the family while the woman keeps her money? of course not! The wife should be able to join hands with the husband as a helper that she is to run the finance of the home so that at the end everyone would be happy. The husband must appreciate his wife always for her support and love and respect her. In like manner there is absolutely nothing wrong if the man cook in the house at times when the wife is unable to fulfill this role. Honestly what is wrong in a man cooking for a whole week and allowing his wife to rest, what of serving her breakfast in bed? She will forever adore you. Marriage is all about supporting each other and not about who does what. It is only couples who doesn’t really love and understand each other that debates about what is each person’s role.

The most important thing in your marriage is doing what will bring happiness to each of you. Once there is mutual understanding every other thing is as simple as ABC. You and your spouse must learn to tolerate the shortcomings of each other and compliment each other, support each other and makeup for the weakness of your spouse.The roles of each person in the marriage is not meant to cause rigor but to help make the marriage successful and as such roles can be determined by couples according to their needs. If a wife can support the husband financially there is also absolutely nothing wrong for the man to help out in domestic chores in the home after all it is his house and the food in question he would also eat from it, so what the heck is the problem?

Mothers please I beg of you to train your son to be husband material, let’s stop bringing up sons that doesn’t value and respect their wife, sons that doesn’t know how to cook, sons that can’t do domestic chores. You are a woman, save another woman from a future plight.



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