Benefits Of Being TrustWorthy


Trust and honesty goes hand in hand,I don’t know of anyone or I haven’t yet met any one who likes a dishonest person. Everyone likes an honest person, in all facet of life people likes to deal with a trustworthy person.


Relationships are built on trust and once the trust is broken it might never be rebuilt . Being a trustworthy person is a great virtue that is rare this days that is full of so many dishonest people. Trust is not built-in a day as trust is built over time. Are you a trustworthy person? Are you someone reliable?

In today’s world dishonesty is viewed as being smart while a trustworthy person is seen as being foolish. A lot of merchants sell inferior goods at the price of a quality one,they smile to the bank after ripping off their ignorant customer and the merchant believe he or she is smart without knowing he has destroyed the trust bestowed on him or her.


The worst case of being untrustworthy is seen every day in relationships especially marriage. A lot of couples do not keep their marriage vows,they do not stick to their partner during the hard time,when the going is good they stay but when the going is bad they leave the marriage with all manner of excuse. What of the marriage bed? This is a no go area especially for the men as they do not keep the marriage bed sacred rather they defile it. Hardly would you come across any man who can say since he got married he hasn’t defiled the marriage bed,so sad how untrustworthy!

Nothing is as good as being known as a trustworthy person, regardless of the kind of relationship you find yourself in being known as a trustworthy person makes it easy for people to rely on you and respect you. Never trade your trustworthiness for anything in the world. Whatever gain dishonesty brings will always be short-lived and you know that trust once broken might never be rebuilt again.


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