First Step To Take Before You Take In A HousHelp

A colleague once said that HouseHelps are inevitable evil. As there is increase in the number of working moms and stay at home mom is gradually fading away,most moms have no option than to get a househelp to help out with the household chores and look after the children.

The first thing to do when you get a help it’s to run the necessary health test before she resumes to your house. It is your responsibility to make sure that the stranger you are bringing into your house and exposing your family to is in good state of health.

The first time I ever took in a live-in househelp, that was two years after my marriage,then I was naive as I never did any health test for her and this was someone I left my baby with everyday when I rush off to work in the morning but when it was time for me to take a second househelp that was when my colleagues in the office told me about running a health test before employing a househelp. It sounded strange to me  but I later realized that was the right thing to do.

Make sure you run a  test yourself as some agencies who give out this househelp can be untruthful, some will tell you that they had done test for the househelp when they never did anything. I remembered I once wanted to employ a young lady to take care of my 6months baby, then I did a test for her only to discover when the result of the test came out that she had hepatitis B, just imagine if I never did the test.  Don’t let Experience teach you the hard way,make sure your househelp is clean healthwise before you employ him or her.

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