When It Becomes Wrong To Have A Househelp

Being a working mom can be so tedious,have been there and I know exactly what it feels like.  If you stay in a very busy city then the struggle even becomes much as you need to joggle through the traffic to and from work. This stress makes it difficult to be able to  take care of the household chores and also take care of the children all by yourself.

Such situations has made many moms to look for a way out by employing househelp. There is nothing wrong in getting the needed help you need by getting a househelp but It becomes wrong when you leave the househelp with everything in the house, I mean putting the househelp in charge of all activities in the house and taking decisions on your behalf. Never delegate your role as a mother and wife to your houshelp.

Having a househelp in a home becomes worrisome when there is no limitation and proper supervision of the house help . There is a red alert when it is your househelp that takes care of your husband and children all because your job is your topmost priority.

Your househelp is for you, your household is there to help you out with domestic chores but not to take care of your husband and children,that is your God given role.

Set rules for your house help immediately you employ him or her, set limitations and supervise your househelp properly. Also constantly find out from the kids what the househelp does when you are at work. Don’t always forget that your househelp is not the mom or wife in the house. Hence it becomes wrong to have a househelp when you indirectly delegate your role to your house help.

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