How To Do Exclusive Breastfeeding


Most nursing mom go back to work 3months after childbirth. The job is needed to keep body  and soul together so moms rush back to work after 3months,hopefully the new law that will allow nursing moms to nurse their baby for atleast six months before going back to work will be passed but until then how can  a nursing mom handle breastfeeding while away at work.


If you are fortunate to be among the employees that have employers that cares about their infants by providing Creche at the workplace then lucky you but if you do not belong to that category then you would need to learn how to  extract breastmilk daily for your baby before leaving for work.

Exclusive breastfeeding is very good even though this might be difficult but medical experts have encouraged nursing moms to practice exclusive breastfeeding because of its numerous benefits . I personally did exclusive breastfeeding for my sons even though I was working and I never regreted it.


Exclusive breastfeeding can be so tedious, it was such a difficult time for me  as I start extracting breastmilk as soon as I come back from work with Avent breast pump, I also get up early in the morning to continue so I can have enough bottle for my baby before I come back from work. I extract up to 6 bottles daily. I put it in the fridge and then it is put in a warm water before feeding the baby .

Try exclusive breastfeeding for your baby ,which means no food or water for your baby for the first six months as breastmilk contains all the nutrients your baby need and you will be amazed at its effect on your baby.

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