Why I Stopped Using Fijk

Fijk Flusher

Fijk is a product of De-Fayud Intl, the product is what they call gbogbonishe in Yoruba language ( meaning it treats all or many ailment) true to its name Fijk treats quite a lot of ailment from acute stomach ache to reduction in pot belly ,it also helps reduces excess weight ,activate the flow of bike ,prevent kidney and bladder infections ,purifies blood ,normalize the operations of the intenstine,increases man power  and ease menstrual period this is but a few of the things Fijk does. The claims that it does all these have not been evaluated by NAFDAC but like they say experience it’s the best teacher. Read on as I tell you my experience with it. Get Fijk here .


First you must always realize that your body make up is different from another’s person’s own so what might work for Mr A might not work for you. I came in contact with Fijk I think 3years ago. I when to the pharmacy to buy my normal detox that I use but on getting there they had just sold the last one while I was lamenting another customer there told me about Fijk and how good it is for detox, after so much conviction I decided to go with her advice so I bought it. Little did I know I was going to love and stick to it for a long time.


it was all I ever wanted in a detox,I couldn’t have asked for more and the good part of it is that it does other thing like helping with blood circulation and fatigue. Most times I get easily tired due to too much stress so  I use it along with my exercise. Did I say I love it most during menstrual cycle,if you experience menstrual pain you will understand what I mean as it gives me the relief and comfort needed during menstrual cycle. Are you still struggling with your weight try it out though you will still need to reduce your carbohydrate intake and also do exercise while using it to get quick result.


hmmmmm are you getting angry already? You are still looking for why I stopped using Fijk? No I am still using Fijk because it is effective and perhaps you should also give it a try !


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  1. Wow! Thanks so much this post has really been helpful. I have been looking for a supplement that can serve several purposes such as weight loss, strengthens me and also good for menstrual pain . i will give it a try.

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