Do You Use This Insect Killer

Raid insect killer

Personally I love SC Johnson product, see my previous post on Two products from ScJohnson you should have. Have you heard of Raid or used it before ? Well I will tell you a bit about Raid today as that is the SC Johnson product I use for killing all those crawling insects and mosquitoes.


My husband has tried a handful of different insects killers and mosquitoes.He kept on changing from one insect killer to the other but I noticed over the last few months that he has continuously used Raid and that is because it works.There is nothing as painful as using your hard-earned money to buy something that doesn’t work and of course expect no refund from anyone.  Another thing  I like about Raid is the fragrance,have anyone noticed it yet or is it  just me?


Unlike other insects and mosquito killer that you have to use every other day, you can use Raid twice or thrice a week. Try it out and share your experience with me or have you tried it already? Let me know what you think.


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