SC Johnson Products You Must Have at Home

Harpic power plus

Sc Johnson is a family brand and have been around for quite some time. Hardly any home that doesnt use one or several of SCJ products .Most of SCJ products takes care of the mess at home from dishes,laundry and the restroom.


Personally  there are two SCJ products I love to have and you can never go wrong with these two, one is harpic and the second is multipurpose insect killer (Raid). The first time i came across harpic or do I say the first time  I knew how powerful harpic was,  is when I visited my sister,  her restroom was badly stained ,then she poured a little of harpic in it and few minutes later the whole place was sparkling, it seems like a miracle to me, I couldn’t believe it and ever since then I always have harpic at home. With the Raid I dealt with those crawling insect and  the wicked mosquitoes that won’t allow me to sleep. One thing I love about Raid is the new fragrance that was added to it which makes the smell pleasant. Try this two products especially harpic and  you will be amazed at how powerful it is .




Don’t be like me who despite watching all the Tv adverts regarding harpic never gave it a thought nor bought it until I came firsthand with the result ,call me a doubting Thomas! There are different types of harpic but the one I prefer is power plus All in 1, that one is extremely good for water stain, you will be amazed at the result you will get after using it.

You can also use Harpic to mop your floor and wash your bath, it would leave it sparkling. If you have any water stain that you have been struggling to get rid of, just pour a little of Harpic power plus All in 1 and leave it for a little while, the stain will remove. Harpic is a multipurpose cleaner, get one today!


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