4 Ways To Know A Capable Wife




There is a saying “that he who has found a wife has found a good thing” but is this always the case? The truth is you will find out for yourself when you get into the marriage. No man wants his home to be dirty even if he himself is dirty. A capable wife must learn to keep the home clean. A medical expert says much sickness is preventable with cleanliness. Many diseases are caused due to lack of physical cleanliness, a capable wife does well to protect her family from sicknesses that are caused by uncleanliness. Though cleanliness may be a challenge in a poor neighborhood but it is never an excuse for a capable wife.maintaining
cleanliness under this condition may be difficult but is worth the effort.A clean tidy home reflects well on the whole family. A Spanish proverb states “There is no conflict between poverty and cleanliness” whether one lives in a mansion, an apartment, a humble home or a shack, cleanliness is a key to a healthier family.

In Africa in the Yoruba culture, when a man gets married, part of his congratulatory message is ” eyin iyawo Oni mo eni” which means your Bride won’t be lazy. No man wants a lazy wife, a wife who can not be a helper be it physically, emotionally, spiritually or financially . A capable wife is hardworking, she manages the household properly. She doesn’t get her husband into debt but rather manages the finances of the home in a praise worthy manner.
A capable wife is a prayer warrior, in case you don’t know men love their wife to be spiritual . As a wife the onus lies on you to pray fervently for your husband and children. You must always seek for divine favor , mercy and protection for your family. A capable wife is not distracted by the mundane things of the world rather she is a prayer fortress. Seeking for God’s protection on the lives of every member of her family.


Finally she knows how to show gratitude to her husband, she commends her husband for his work outside and inside the home.she also praised her children for their efforts at home and at the school. And how far a little gratitude goes! You can read more on this in our previous post The Power Of Thank You In Marriage. What does it cost to say thank you? Very little yet the return in family morale can be great.

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12 Replies to “4 Ways To Know A Capable Wife

  1. My sister inlaw is far from this, she is alakoba onigbese, I really don’t understand how a woman would want to live above her means just to impress her friends thereby getting her husband into debt. People like her needs to read this post.

  2. Nice article, the problem I have is my husband doesn’t ever want to pray. Anytime I call him for prayers, he just say go and pray with the children I am fine. I really find this disturbing

  3. Some ladies can pretend before marriage, they will behave as if they have all these qualities mentioned above but the moment you marry them, the whole story changes. They behave totally different then you start wondering if this was the same person you dated before marriage

  4. This days some women are being distracted by materials things, they want to impress their friends, they try to keep up by all means.i initially had that problem with my wife, so I had to sit her down one day and showed her my pay slip and explain to her what the family budget should be so that we don’t keep getting into debts , I also told her to keep away from those her materialistic friends and I tell you since then we have experienced peace

  5. A marriage built on the right foundation would not shake. Most men too make the mistake of making their wife believe they have so much when Infact they have nothing. Based on that assumption the wife might start over spending . A man who wants a godly wife should also try to be godly , you can ask others for what you also can’t give. That’s my take on this.

  6. Some husband don’t even appreciate you even when you have all these qualities and it really can be so disheartening

  7. Marriage is a journey and everyday I keep learning. The rule for me and my husband is if any of us don’t get it right we should tell each other. So far so good , it’s been working for us

  8. Everytime the focus is always on women it just makes me angry, what of the men? What about qualities of a capable husband . Please write on that. It’s time we shift the attention from women, I think men needs more of the tutoring than women as we already have enough to handle

  9. A married woman in my neighborhood only keeps single friends and keep on wondering the reason for this. Would they help her be a better wife ? I doubt because it even shows in her character. I believe to be able to exhibit these qualities a married woman should surround her self with her fellow married women who have good character

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