Should You Separate Or Stay With An Abusive Spouse



In the world today, it is very common to see people exhibit strife, fits of anger and enmities, unfortunately this has also found its way into the family. Some marriage partner easily gives into violent fits of anger or repeatedly and unrepentantly gives into violent fits of anger thereby physically abusing their spouse. Do you find your self in this situation? Are you currently being battered by an abusive partner who shows no sign of changing?

When you find yourself in an abusive marriage, the decision to stay or leave temporarily is up to you. Even though Some partners have decided to stay in an abusive marriage for one reason or the other. The truth is that it is you alone that knows and understand perfectly well what you are facing in the marriage, so if you feel that your physical, mental and even spiritual life is in danger due to domestic violence, it is up to you to choose what to do in this circumstance. Never allow anyone to influence your decision, do not allow someone to tell you to stay when actually you know you should leave, advices like this have even lead to the death of some people in their marriage, also do not allow someone to advice you to leave when you actually know it’s something you can handle, some have left their marriage based on such advice and are filled with regret today.

Friends and family members may wish to offer help and counsel but they have no right to put you under pressure to take a particular course of action as that is your own decision to make.


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