Marriage Vs Being Single Which Is Better?



This is a question that has lingered in the mind of many for a long time, in this article we would look at being married or remaining single which is better. In the beginning of creation, the first human creation was single, he was created a bachelor but with this status came its own problem, the first was loneliness, he had no companion how lonely he must have felt. There is nothing compared to having a true companion , someone who truly loves you, someone you can share both your happy and sad moments with .
Secondly this bachelor that has been created can not reproduce, hence the need for a partner.

One day when he was asleep the first marriage was created , he was given a partner called woman, when he saw her he was happy. He felt more fulfilled, now he had a companion and he can also reproduce. Hence, marriage was to produce everlasting companionship and also a medium for reproduction.From the above scenario it could be seen that true companionship is found in marriage and the only legitimate way of reproducing is confined to the marriage arrangement. It is therefore nothing wrong if an individual feels he or she is unfulfilled until he is married because even from the beginning of creation the first bachelor was unfulfilled until he got married, it was more like an achievement. Truly it can not be overlooked that some people are enduring in their marriage rather than enjoying it, the truth is that was never the true purpose of marriage. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and those who have followed the counsel of the originator of marriage has been able to overcome the problems in their marriage and enjoy their marriage rather than enduring in their marriage.

The first marriage was faced with its own issues, and when the first bachelor and his wife couldn’t handled it properly they lost favour with the originator of marriage, hence it is not unusual to be faced with problems in your marriage that is part of life challenges and that in itself does not make marriage less important. So therefore no woman or man should ever been criticized if they feel they are not fulfilled in life until they are married as marriage is part of the creator’s arrangement for human. Every woman needs a head and every man needs a helper. There is a saying that ” he who finds a wife has find a good thing”. Thus, the importance of marriage can not be over emphazised .

Does that make being single a sin? Not at all and far from it. Being single it’s a gift and has its benefit. Being single gives you more time to yourself and avoid some distractions that come with marriage.Being single or a single parents does not make you less a human being but always remember that s3xual intimacy is confined only to the marriage arrangement. I bet that even those who are single if they find a partner who they love and who also truly loves them and want to spend the rest of their life with them they would never hesitate to get married except if they have chosen to be single in order not to be distracted from doing the work of the creator.


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