5 Reasons Why You Should Strive To Be Happy


A lot of people struggle so much to be happy and to stay happy because of life challenges. However, the honest truth is that so far you are alive life challenges ain’t going away anytime soon neither would worrying about them make it go away. Thus choose to be happy!


You must realize that your happiness solely depends on you. Even though other people such as your friends, family members, your spouse can enhance your happiness but only you have the power to make yourself happy. If you ever wondered why you should strive to be happy then keep reading.


5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Yourself Happy

1.Life Is Short: Always remember that tomorrow is not promised so live your best life each day. Some who had great plans yesterday never saw today. Hence, the best gift you can give yourself each day is happiness. Learn to shower yourself with love and pamper yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself because of your past mistakes or your present situation. Learn to love yourself and be happy by incorporating into your daily life activities that excites you.


2. Life Challenges Are Here To Stay : life challenges have existed as long as humans have existed and isn’t going away. So why worry about what worry can’t solve. If you choose to worry life challenges would still be there and if you choose to be happy life challenges would still be there, so why not choose to be happy and outlive your challenges.

3.Keeps You Healthy : There is no better way to keep your heart healthy than being happy. Happiness is an antidote to stress. A lot of people who suffer from high blood pressure or stroke is mostly people who stress themselves with over thinking, they are hardly happy. However, people who are always happy and hardly stress over life challenges hardly have HBP or stroke. This is because the body releases some feel good hormones when you are happy and this hormones add to your overall health.

4.Reduce Wrinkle And Aging: There is no better way to avoid wrinkles than being happy. The happiness hormones helps to reduce wrinkles and aging which comes with stress and over thinking. Staying happy always and engaging in activities that excites you makes you glow and look younger .

5.Attracts People To You: No one wants to be around someone who is always sad and complains bitterly about life challenges. Such attitude only discourage people from getting closer to you. However, happy people are always loved by people. People always wants to be around them and be friends with them because of their positive vibes. Would you rather prefer people avoid you or get attracted to you because of your demeanor? The choice is yours!


Won’t you want to strive to be happy at least for the reasons mentioned above? Happiness is always the best choice over sadness. However, it would be difficult to be be a happy person if you don’t choose to be happy.

Thus, you must always remember that being happy is a choice! You must choose to be happy and be intentional about it otherwise there are people and challenges ever ready to rub you of your joy. Additionally, you have to choose how you react to situations so that you don’t give anyone the power to determine nor control your happiness.


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