How To Achieve Happiness In Your Marriage



Constructing a building requires careful preparation . Before the foundation is laid, land must be acquired and plans drawn up. However something else is important. You must calculate the expense to see if you have enough to complete it. What is true of constructing a building also applies to constructing a successful happy marriage. You need to have a realistic view of both the blessings and cost of being married .

Constructing a building may be expensive but caring for its long term maintenance is costly as well. It is similar with marriage. Getting married seems challenging enough; however, maintaining a marital relationship year after year must be considered. How do you maintain and achieve happiness in your marriage relationship? A vital factor is a wholehearted commitment, if you are not ready for solemn commitment, then you are not ready for a happy marriage. The idea of solemn commitment may frighten you but the truth is if you love your partner, commitment will not seem like a burden. The sense of commitment will make you want to stay with your partner through good times and bad and be supportive of each other come what may.
You also need maturity to achieve happiness in your marriage. Maturity will help you live up to your commitment, it will also help you understand better the needs and desires of your partner and how best to handle such needs. Maturity helps you become a better, qualified and suitable partner.

Thirdly you need to have qualities such as love, joy , peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness , faith, mildness, self-control. Learn also to be modest and humble. Although making the mind over in these areas is not easy, it will help you to achieve happiness in your marriage and also help you to be a better marriage partner.


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