Should A Wife Be Blamed For Her Husband Being A Cheater


Often times the questions a wife is asked when she complains of her husband cheating on her is nothing but ridiculous. The woman has always been at the receiving end in marriage, she is blamed for her husband cheating on her worst still she is told to endure that it is in the nature of men to cheat. Unfortunately, a lot of women has been brainwashed to believe that there is something wrong with them that is the reason their husband cheated or is cheating on her. Should you be blamed for your husband’s cheating?


The answer is a capital NO! The problem is with the cheater and not you. Never allow anyone to blame you for your husband cheating on you and  don’t ever blame yourself either for your husband’s infidelity. Sometimes you might put the blame on your physical look but let me tell you that even models get cheated on so it has nothing to do with your physical look or what you did or did not do.  A cheater would always cheat regardless of your beauty, how good you are in bed, how well you treat him. The decision to cheat is with your husband and its determined by the quality of his characters.


If your husband doesn’t value commitment, does not value fidelity, does not have a personal relationship with God and lacks emphathy about how his actions would affect you even if you sacrifice your life for him, he would cheat on you. Additionally, Some men are incapable of being faithful to anyone, they need the excitement of a new woman, they are s*x addict and such men would still be unfaithful to their mistress as they need several women to fuel their excitement.  If your husband fall in this category nothing you do matters as he will definitely cheat on you. It is the quality of the character of your husband and not you that will determine if he will cheat on you.


A man who has a deep fear of God and has a genuine personal relationship with God will NEVER cheat on you instead he would respect, love and adore you for whom you are. He would go the extra mile to resolve whatever he’s not happy about in the relationship rather than cheating on you.

Most men are cheaters but definitely not all men are cheaters. Any man who cheats has a shady character, he’s not an honourable man , has a low self esteem, is not a man of high characters and morals. Such a man has low moral standards and never values commitment nor value you. How then can you blame yourself for his doings.

Remember the decision to cheat is solely with the cheater not you, so NEVER accept nor blame yourself for a cheating husband. Most importantly, let no one talk you into staying with a cheater if that isn’t the best thing for you. That he cheated on you does not mean you will not find someone else that will love, adore and be committed to you. He is the problem not you, he is a looser and deserves to be trashed in the bin as you deserve better!


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