Importance Of Self Love


A lot of people care about others more than they care about themselves which has led to low self worth which results in depression. The truth is no one deserves your love more than yourself. Take out time to spend quality time with yourself and do some soul searching about what brings you happiness.


The truth is that you can’t truly and deeply love others if you don’t love yourself as you need to be in a happy state to radiate that love to others. Learn to pamper yourself and do things that will make you happy, this could be going on vacation, shopping for shoes, accessories, jewelries, being a bit extravagant with your skincare products and so forth. Mo


When you don’t practice self love you keep seeking validations from other people to have a sense of self worth and when you don’t get this validation you end up getting depressed. Everyone does not need to accept your personality, remember everyone’s personality differs so your personality doesn’t have to fit other people personality.


For instance, you can love a life of solitude, you hardly mingle or barely have a single friend. You might like the indoors badly but people around you might find it weird but yet this is what gives you happiness. You need not change this just to get people’s validation at the detriment if your own happiness. If the situation is to be reversed this same people might never give up their personality because of you so why should you?

When you practise self love you will be happier, your self worth, self esteem and self confidence will improve as you would realize that you need no one to make you happy nor validate your self worth. It also becomes easier for you to make decisions concerning your life and move ahead in life.

Practising self love its not easy especially if you keep comparing yourself to others or beat up yourself for the mistakes you’ve made in your life. You need to remember everyone is uniquely made, hence there is no basis for comparing yourself to another person.

Most importantly, you need to learn to forgive yourself of your mistakes and forge ahead with life. Mistakes are part of the learning process in life so do not beatup yourself for it rather learn from it and become a better person.

Practising a lot of self love will also help you make a better choice when choosing a companion because it will help you consider what value would this person add to your life and help you filter out the wrong person rather than just allowing any one into your life.


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