Would A Cheater Always Remain A Cheater

Would a cheater change

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure and this can’t be less true when it comes to cheating. It is better not to cheat than trying to stop cheating as preventing it is easier than stopping it. There is a popular saying that a cheater would always remain a cheater but how true is this saying?


You might have just discovered your partner cheated on you and perhaps he is asking for forgiveness but you are wondering if this would ever happen again. Well, before deciding whether if it would ever happen again, the first thing is to discover why it happened in the first place.


When someone decides to cheat, it is NEVER a mistake, it is a conscious decision taken by the individual so whatever reason that triggered that decision is what would determine if the person is actually going to stop despite asking for forgiveness from his partner.

If a cheater must stop cheating, he must first of all sincerely hate cheating and must be ready to admit what triggered it and what he is willing to do to avoid it happening again. Hence, it is not enough for him to know that what he’s doing is wrong he must dislike the act and be genuinely determined not to allow it happen again.

Without this determination and contempt for the act, the chances are very high that the person would still cheat again regardless of if they seek for their partner’s forgiveness. This is why most times most cheaters continue to cheat because they might feel sad at the moment knowing their action has hurt their partner and ask for forgiveness and promise never to do it again but they do not hate the act nor have they considered what triggered it and how to avoid it.

The truth is that it is only a cheater that can truly change himself and decide never to do it again regardless of what the partner does and this not merely by admitting it would never happen again because in reality 90% of the time a cheater will always remain a cheater. Only a cheater who truly hates cheating and has taken time to address what led him to it and also has a personal relationship with God that would not return to cheating.

It is better not to cheat because it is more difficult to stay away from cheating once you are a cheater. A lack of self control is the major reason why people cheat amongst other unjustified reasons, except the cheater genuinely works on his self control, hates cheating and deepens his personal relationship with God there is a high tendency he would remain a cheater.


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