When You Hurt Your Wife You Also Hurt These Other People


A lot of men are becoming so irresponsible this days and hardly make their wife their topmost piority. Infact most men don’t even care if their actions hurt their wife or not. They think only about themselves and would only care if their actions hurt their wife if only it benefits them.


The truth is when you hurt your wife you are not only hurting her but also hurting others indirectly. Wondering who these other people are? They are your kids and yourself.


A lot of men love their kids even more than they love their wife which is extremely wrong. However, regardless of how much love you profess to have for your kids the moment you start hurting your wife it shows you truly do not love your kids.


The wellbeing and future of your kids highly depends on your wife. She is the one that spends most time with them. She spends most of the time teaching them, guiding and training them to become responsible adults that will be useful to both you and the society.

When you hurt your wife it becomes difficult for her to play these roles. When she is depressed or traumatized as a result of your action she will hardly have time for the kids and the kids will be left on their own without no guidance which is extremely risky. That period of not being guided can turn your kids to what you won’t imagine. Your kids is your future and when they turn out bad your future is ruined.

Additionally, by hurting your wife you are also teaching your kids that it’s fine to hurt their own wife in the future. That is the reason most times kids that comes from an abusive family end up having an abusive marriage as this is what they learnt from their parents relationship. Remember, your kids are watching and regardless of the lies you tell them to coverup they know the truth.

Apart from indirectly hurting your kids when you hurt your wife you also hurt yourself. How you may wonder? The Bible says he who has found a wife has found a good thing. Your wife is a source of good things in your life and when you treat her well great doors of opportunities will be opened for you but reverse would be the case when you hurt her. The more you hurt her the more you shut the door of greatness in your life.


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