Can Parents Train Their Child Without Flogging Them

Is flogging a child good

The holy book says spare the rod and spoil the child, it even went further to indicate that stupidity its tied to the heart of a child. Yes! The creator who blessed parents with the precious gift of a child instructs parents to flog the child otherwise he will get spoilt.


In some cultures it is forbidden to flog a child such as in America and other European countries because some parents and adults have abused this form of discipline by abusing the children and hurting them in the process but does this mean that flogging your child as a way of training your child it’s wrong? Of course not! 

Depending on the location where you live will determine how you intend to train your child. If you live in a place where flogging of a child is forbidden then you need to come up with other forms of punishment for your child as part of your training process for your child. But if you live in a region where flogging is permissible then that is okay.


The fact remains that children needs a form of punishment to straighten them up while training them otherwise just as the holy book says they will become spoilt, not just spoilt they will become an headache both to you and the society. Whatever form of punishment you decide to use as parents remember that there is a thin line between using punishment as a way of training your child and abusing your child. If you either choose to flog your child or decide to use other form of punishment ensure you do not hurt the child in the process because once the child is hurt this is no longer discipline but child abuse which can affect the child psychological and impact negatively on him as an adult.

You must be cautious especially when you are angry, if the child has done something stupid and terrible that upsets you so much, try and be calm before meting out discipline to the child otherwise you might end up going overboard with your discipline and hurt the child in the process.

In as much as flogging is needed in the discipline of a child , it’s also possible to train your child without flogging. The first question you must ask yourself as a parent is what is the purpose of flogging your child? Is there any other punishment or discipline you can use to achieve the same result as flogging? Answering these questions will help you determine what sort of discipline you can use that can achieve the same purpose as flogging. 

Basically, the purpose of flogging a child is to keep him in check and make him not to do something bad, if there is another discipline that can also achieve the same result then why not use it if flogging is not your thing.

Moreover, parents who live in countries where flogging of a child is forbidden uses discipline such as grounding a child- which means denying the child of certain privileges until the child is of good behavior while some use punishment, you can also employ some of this form of discipline even if you live in a region where flogging of a child is acceptable but you really don’t like the idea of flogging your child.

Parenting is rewarding if you do it the right way. Hence, whether you decide to use flogging or not to train your child ensure that you discipline your child and straighten him up always in order to have a responsible child that will be useful both to you and to the society.

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