Happy New Month


Happy new month to you all, just 2 more months to the end of this year. Without no doubt 2020 has been a very though year for everyone but we still have reasons to glorify God.


Even if you have not be able to achieve your goals for this year do not be discouraged, I want you to know that something big might still happen for you before the year comes to an end. In the meantime be thankful for life and your loved ones which you still have.


Most importantly, do not make the mistake of comparing yourself with another person, or feeling depressed that despite how rough this year was that other people were still able to make big achievements. Remember, their time is not your time, so wait for your own time and when your blessings come it will come with peace of mind.


Do not also be deceived by what people show on social media especially Instagram. Social media is a make believe world where everyone tries to show they are living their best life when in reality it might be lie. Most of what you see there is all fake so don’t give yourself anxiety or become depressed as a result.

Since we only have 2 months to the end of the year, take a realistic look at your goals and see which one still has the possibility of being achieved and then aim at achieving it befor the year comes to an end.

I wish you all the best!


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