How Important Is Spending Time With Your Child?

Father and mother reading with their daughter
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Children are a precious gift from God, in fact they are the fruits of the belly and a blessing to the marriage. How do you treat a gift you value so much? Is it with care or without care? Obviously with care! same applies to your child. You need to show that your child is a gift to you and a valuable one at that by caring for your child.


Parenting it’s not an easy task and the hustle and bustle of life make this more difficult. A lot of parents do about 2-3 jobs just to provide for the family which leaves them with little or no time to spend with their child, even when they are at home they just want to be left alone to relax from the daily stress. However, despite the tight schedule is it important for parents to make out time for their child?


The answer is yes! Regardless of how busy you may be remember that money can’t buy love , especially the love between a parent and a child , you need to build it. Yes! You can spend money buying expensive things for your child but these can’t be compared with making out time from your busy schedule to spend with your child.


It is extremely important that you spend quality time with your child as this is extremely beneficial to you both. Spending time with your child helps you create a strong bond with your child and makes it possible to be your child’s mentor and also influential in his life.

When you don’t spend time with your child you will hardly know the real person your child is, neither would you understand his emotional feelings and needs. A lot of children that end up being delinquent is because they lack proper care and attention in their life. Some will end up turning to bad friends or dr*gs to take care of their emotional needs.

If you barely spend time with your child, How then would it be possible for you to train your child so that when he grows old he will not turn away from it . How do you inculcate values that will help your child in life if you don’t consistently make out time for your child. Money has its place and your child too has his place, none should upsurb the place of the other. In as much as money is important but your child should be your topmost priority.

The increase in moral decadence around the world is as a result of parents not making out time to train their child, so most children either turn to the media and friends who end up teaching them the wrong things. Remember the future of your child lies in your hand and the way you shape it all depends on how much time you make out for your child.

Build a better world where there is responsible adults by spending time with your child, imbibe the right values, attend to his emotional, physical and spiritual needs, so that when he becomes an adult you will also experience peace of mind.

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