Camila Cabello Turns 23

When was Camila Cabello born

Camila Cabello who was born on the 3rd of March 1997 at Cojimar Cuba turned 23 years. She is a Cuba-American singer and songwriter. She is being celebrated by friends, family and the media as she becomes a year older. She has done amazingly well for herself at this age as she has several chart topping tracks and have received two Latin Grammy Awards and five American music Awards.

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In honor of her birthday she also shared a picture of herself when she was a baby , isn’t she looking cute? A surprise Cinderella themed birthday party was organized for her by Prince Charming Shawn Mendes. In fact Shawn Mendes flew 3,300+ miles to celebrate her birthday.

Camila Cabello is also passionate about helping children in need all over the world, she does have a compassionate heart and is committed to helping children in need around the world. The outpour of love from her fans, friends, family and media indeed shows she is a wonderful person with a kind her.

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