Is Amazon Giveaway A Scam

Amazon Giveaway

Several times i’ve seen people ask this question online if Amazon giveaway is a scam. infact some have concluded its a scam as they’ve tried severally but still never won. In this article i will help clarify if amazon giveaway is a scam and if amazon is just playing on your intelligence, so keep reading.




Amazon giveaway is a way of getting free products without paying for it right there on amazon website, also the product will be shipped to you free of charge.


Amazon giveaway is not run by Amazon company itself but by various sellers on Amazon. Amazon only handles the shippin. of the product won as the products are already with them .

The sellers who uses Amazon FBA are those who participate in the giveaway. The sellers themselves set the rules of the giveaway. Some will indicate that the product will won by the 100th person or will be won by the 20th person that watches the video. The rules differ but basically each seller sets up the rule for their giveaway and once you win Amazon handles the shipping of the product as they already have the products with them.


You may ask what’s the benefit of the giveaway to sellers if its not a scam? Well, the giveaway helps sellers get exposure for their product. As so many people participate in the giveaway they get to see their product even though probably it migt be one or up to ten people that might end up winning the product.

Also the person that win the product might end up liking the product and would then patronize the seller again and might even tell family and friends about the product. Hence, the giveaeay is a marketing trick for the sellers.


Personally, i have won severally in the giveaway. Funny enough i never knew anything about the giveaway even though i do most of my shopping on Amazon.

One day while i was shopping all of a sudden the giveaway ad poped up and i was wondering what that was , so i clicked on it and i was surprised to see so many products but i just tought this wouldn’t be true, which seller will giveaway its product for free and Amazon will ship for free but i just decided to see how it works and to my surprise i won.

I have won more than thrice, Hence, it is NOT A SCAM! If anyone tells you its a scam, its a big fat lie as people are winning and i have won not just once or twice.


In my opinion, if you want to win you need all the patience in this world by this i mean do you have the patience to check through all the product , sometimes it can be up to 2000 products but i tell you if you go through everything you will definitely win.

Secondly, also try and watch one or two giveaway videos, i feel it also help though not certain about this.

Thirdly, participating when there might be fewer people might give you more chance. If you are so determined to win why not try between 1am-3am, you probably might win.

Remember these are my opinion, am not giving you a guarantee that if you do all these that you will surely win but your chances are high!


Well, the answer to this is subjective. What might be worth it to you might not be worth it to another person but basically this are new products worth between $10 and $100 or even more. To be honest you’ve got nothing to loose as you are neither paying for the product nor shipping.

So go ahead and give it a try and it might just be your lucky day!


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  1. The products really are not worth the waste of time. I ended up giving out the product i won the last time it was of no use.

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