Do This As The Year Comes To An End

End of the year

As the year gradually comes to an end and it remains just some few days to go, a lot of people are already accessing their acheivment for the year while others are already preparing a New Year Resolution.


First, regardless of what you might have achieved or not achieved, you need to be thankful for being alive as that is the greatest achievement. Especially if you are feeling so depressed right now as a result of not achieving all your goals for this year, be greatful that you are alive because some of those who started this year did not make it to this time, So be GRATEFUL!


Secondly, while accessing your achievement for the year, do not beat up yourself for the mistakes you did, rather see them as a life experience, forgive yourself and learn from them so you don’t repeat same mistake in the coming year.


Thirdly, the end of the year its not a time to compare your achievement to that of your peers and then become depressed that you could not achieve as much as your peers. Remember that your journey in life is unique and different from that of your peers, so give yourself a pat and appreciate what you have achieved so far.

Fourth, check how much time you wasted on social media this year and think of a more profitable way to invest your time the coming year. Remember social media is good, however, you must be cautious not to be addicted to it or get carried away with all the fake like people display there.

This is also the time to access the friends in your life and do away with the toxic friends who add no value to your life, please do not carry them over to new year, thats bad news!

Fifth, This is the time to reach out to family and friends. Yes you’ve been busy through out the year but you can’t end the year without reaching out and appreciating these wonderful people in your life.

Forgiveness is very vital at this period, don’t cross over to the New Year with malice and grudge against anyone. Yes i know it’s difficult but find a place in your heart and forgive all those that have stepped on your toe.

Finally, make an achievable new year resolution that will keep you focused and help you achieve more in the coming year.

SEE YOU IN 2020!


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