Why You Should Not Get Married


Marriage is an age-long institution which was instituted by the creator. The purpose of marriage was to create a lasting companionship and reproduce in a loving family atmosphere.

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Unfortunately today same can not be said of marriage. The high rate of divorce and unhappiness experience by couples who have decided to stick together raises the question if marriage is really worth it.

A lot of couples are just enduring their marriage,a lot! Their idea of what marriage ought to be isn’t what they are experiencing. Most are still in their marriage because of how their friends, family or society will view them if they leave their marriage so they end up enduring and becoming frustrated in their marriage.

The truth is that today’s marriage has deviated from the original intent of why the institution was formed by the creator and a lot of couples have chosen not to follow the laid down manual by the originator of marriage.
Marriage is just like any other product, once you do not follow the manufacturer’s manual there is bound to be problem! For the purpose of this article I will be discussing about women as victims in marriage.

Most marriages are falling apart today because of the way men view and treat their wife. In many marriages a wife is nothing more than a mother and a housekeeper. She takes care of everyone at home and makes sure the home runs smoothly.

She is more of a mother than a wife. Her emotions and feelings as a wife is never of utmost important to the man. She receives no compliments what so ever from the husband. She gets no admiration from the man. Soon she starts loosing her self-confidence and happiness and accepts her fate as a mother and concentrate on her motherly role.

Most men if not all, cheat on their wife. Well, I am yet to come across a man who has been faithful to his wife and as such I will say at least 99% Of men cheat on their wife, I am yet to meet the 1% that is faithful though! Infidelity is the main reason why many marriages are suffering today and at the point of breaking up.

I wonder why you as a man get married when you are not ready to be committed and worst still toils with your partner’s emotions. Most married women has accepted it as their fate and then stay in the marriage because of the kids but are extremely sad and resent their husband.

Some men even go as far as discussing about their wife with their mistress, what an insult! Sometimes this gives the mistress the effrontery to call the wife and insult her. Months back i read about a mistress that called a wife to tell her to warn the husband to let her be as the husband was cheating on her with her friends, can you just imagine this?

There is a saying that do unto others what you will like them to do to you. Would you love your wife to cheat on you? Every man will quickly answer with a capital NO and yet you do the same to your wife and feel no atom of shame nor remorse about it. You hide under the saying that it is in Men’s nature to cheat!

Dear Men, this assumption is false, I mean extremely false.A man can stay faithful to his wife if he is determined to. Men only cheat out of greed, lack of self-control and because the society celebrates it. If a Man is faithful to his wife he won’t die neither will he become less a man.

The truth is that a cheater would hardly change and that is why you shouldn’t cheat in the first place. Your unfaithful ways hurt your wife more than you can ever imagine. Her heart is not made of stone, so she feels hurt by your infidelity exactly the same way you would feel if she is unfaithful to you. Her silence does not mean acceptance of your acts or that she is a fool. She is only considering the future of her kids.

By cheating on her it shows you are not a man of your word, it means you can never be trusted. Remember you took a vow to love, cherish,make her happy and to be committed to only her till death do you part. Can you honestly say you are keeping these vows?

Can you remember how you once wanted her badly and wanted her to become your wife and mother of your kids? Ask yourself what has changed? Why don’t you desire her any longer? Is it something both of you can talk about and work out ways to spice up your relationship. For this to work, First you must be determined to give up on infidelity and bade and everlasting farewell to your mistress/mistresses only then can you start thinking about your wife.

Your wife is not just anybody, she is there for you through tick and thin. She cooks for you 365 days a year, she takes care of the kids, makes sure the home is running smoothly. She cleans the home, wash the clothes. She gave her body to bear you those wonderful kids. She risked her life in the labor room to have your kids and much more. Do you think that what she deserves from you is unfaithfulness, is that what she really deserves?

Your mistress will dump you without baiting an eyelid and jump to the next available man once the journey gets tough but your wife will always give you a shoulder to lean on when the journey is tough. Give her just half the attention and the money you shower on your mistress and see the happy woman in her. Imagine what will become of her when you now give her your full attention and shower her with love, care and affection!

Whatever you seek for in your mistress your wife has all of it, you only need to bring it out in her. If she has gained so much weight, why not have a loving talk about this and work with her in achieving the desired weight that will arouse your attraction to her. If she needs to improve her dressing and dress more attractively then let her know this politely.

Communicate your needs to her and both of you would work out a way of spicing up your relationship. Make out time for each other. Every discussion mustn’t be about the kids and the family, learn to talk about yourselves. Have a date, take a walk together in the evenings. Send each other naughty and loving sms. Leave a note at the bed side.

Once in a while fix your wife breakfast in bed, oh! How you will see her radiate. It is your duty to make her happy and radiant. Focus on her! Infidelity will only bring you heartache, waste of money and time that should be well invested.Once you believe she is your only option you will be more than determined to make your marriage work and make your wife happy.

What answer would you like your wife to give if she is being asked if she will honestly choose you again as husband if she was to make a choice. Her answer will depend on how you treat her, it will depend on if you are making her to enjoy or endure your marriage.

Do you know that what is good for The goose is also good for the gander. Which means if you can cheat, she also can as she is not less a human being.The fact that you are a man doesn’t give you any right to adultery. Your wife is faithful only because she choose to have self-control and keep her commitment to you.

Your attitude can drive your wife to cheat and like I said earlier on it is very difficult for a cheater to stop and that is why cheating has to be avoided at all cost.Don’t make her find comfort in the arms of another man otherwise her heart may never come back to you.

Build your home and marriage! Unlike the believe that the success of a marriage depends on the woman, you are the head of the family and it is the role of a leader to see to the success of its team. Hence, the success of your marriage is in your hands and not your wife. Don’t make her bitter because of your infidelity as bitterness of the heart over the years can lead to hatred and also to harmful thoughts.

Say No to Infidelity and say Yes! To faithfulness. Take a pledge today to be a man of your words to cherish, love and care for your wife. Take a pledge to give her everlasting happiness and make her enjoy your marriage rather than endure it!

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