Reason Couples Should Use Protection During Intimacy


My recent articles have been mostly on marital issues and this is because of recent happenings among married couples. My motivation and inspiration sometimes  comes from lessons learnt from movie or real life experiences of people around  me.

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I hope that this article will be of help to couples who are stuck or confuse about what decision to make in their present circumstance. This article will make it easier for you to make the right decision and stand by it. Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion.

There is this strong notion among couples especially husbands that it is wrong to use protection during intimacy with their wife but I strongly beg to differ from this belief . First marriage is all about trust and when there is no trust then certain measures need to be taken.

Secondly if you and your spouse have gone beyond the child-bearing stage and your intimacy is just for pleasure then you might need to use protection. First to protect against unwanted pregnancy and secondly against infection.

If you as a woman is on pill to avoid pregnancy can you vouch for your husband’s faithfulness to you. It is no news that most married men are unfaithful if not all, your husband inclusive so why pretend about what is obvious and live in fool’s paradise. Why take a risk with your life.

I have read messy celebrities stories online who accuse their spouse of infecting them with STD, so except if you can vouch with your life that your husband is faithful, my dear protect yourself so you can be alive for your kids.

Yes! protection is not 100% safe but it is still better than nothing or using withdrawal method. Some spouse have been infected with all manner of STDs and they are in and out of hospital simply because they think it’s wrong to request to use protection with their partner. If he or she is not faithful and have several s*xual Partner, then having intimacy with him or her is as good as sleeping with several people or even a total stranger, that is why you must think about your life first before thinking of your marital obligation.

If you decide not to use protection then reach an agreement to go for regular screening for STDs to be sure you both are clean health wise before you submit yourself and take a risk with your life. Remember your life is not negotiable so do not allow your spouse to sweet tongue you or coerce you into not using protection when you know you should.

You must have heard the saying “life has no duplicate” so do not play with yours just to please a spouse who can not please you by being faithful. I watched a movie where the man was sleeping around and even paid the girls from the joint account he has with his wife. He wasn’t remorse about his attitude neither did he hide his wayward ways from his wife.

Finally he got HIV and infected his wife with same. Now my issue was with the wife and not the man. She knew her husband sleeps around, is not as if the man hid it from her,more so she is done with child-bearing so why on earth would she not protect herself if she choose to still have intimacy with such a man. The fact that he is her husband doesn’t mean she should not know where to draw the line.

Once you can’t vouch for your partner, he or she is not different from the neighbor next door, hence you must protect yourself. You deserve to live a healthy life and only you can make that decision. If your spouse can use protection while sleeping with his or her numerous partners so why not with you.

Unfortunately your spouse whom you are willing to risk your life for by not using protection cares less about you nor your life otherwise why would he or she have intimacy with someone else apart from you and sometimes even does it without using protection thereby exposing both of you to danger.

You must have heard of men who had kids outside their marriage, how does this ever happen if they use protection with the other girls. So sometimes they get carried away and don’t even care to protect themselves and yet this is the person you want to have intimacy with without protecting yourself, think again! Dear friend, think of all those who love you, your kids, friends,siblings and your parents, hence, don’t gamble with your life by not using protection.

If your spouse insist on not using protection then he or she should be faithful otherwise it is not negotiable. If it is your own decision not to use protection because you don’t like it but not because your spouse talked you into it or out of fear of displeasing your spouse,then good and fine but I hope you won’t regret that decision if you get infected.

Above all things, trust is extremely important in marriage. You and your spouse should keep to your marriage vows which includes faithfulness to each other. If only all spouses are faithful there won’t be Need for protection as none will infect the other. Say Yes! To faithfulness and a capital NO to infidelity.

The safety of you and your spouse lies in your hand! Don’t Give in to temptation, be satisfied with what you have and make do with it.Let your spouse be the only one to satisfy your insatiable want.
Don’t gamble with your life! and that of your spouse. Don’t destroy your home and your marriage and the future of your kids due to your unfaithfulness.


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  2. Interesting write up but I Reality this is very difficult as the husband’s barely seen any reason why they should use protection with wife. Personally I have had a hard time with this. After I saw nude pics of girls on my husband’s phone and I confronted him, I had refuse to let him touch me but he is making a big issue out of it. At some point I get confused and feel that denying him is wrong but thanks for this article now I can take a stand and know I am doing the right thing.

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