Why You Must Not Endure Domestic Violence In Your Marriage


I read a story today about a man who lost his life to domestic violence and I felt very sad. According to neighbors and eye witnesses they said the domestic violence has been going on for a while until it finally led to the death of the man.

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Agreed marriage isn’t a bed of Roses, infact it is filled with a lot of thorns that when if not carefully removed can destroy or break the marriage. If you as a man or woman can not handle a disagreement without being violent then you need to quickly seek for help.

If every time you disagree with your spouse you resort to violence then you have a serious anger management issue which needs to be taken care of. It is not simply resolved by always asking for forgiveness or buying your spouse a gift to make up. It is a serious issue that has to be addressed which can not be swept under the carpet. Get help immediately!

If you are a victim of domestic violence, speak out! Don’t endure nor pretend that all is well. You are only playing with your life. You are sitting on a time bomb that can explode at any time. Get help! Talk to friends and family and if your spouse doesn’t change, do not be carried away by his or her constant plea and gifts, you are only extending the danger day.

Unfortunately some of you experiencing domestic violence in marriage experienced it at a point in your courtship and yet you went ahead and married that person with the hope that he or she will change. Don’t be deceived some characters doesn’t change after marriage infact it becomes worse!

If the person can be violent towards you when the flames of love is burning between you both then you should expect the worse when you are married. If he or she is violent towards you before marriage same would be done to you after being married to the person.This also goes for cheating, if you catch him or her cheating before marriage the tendency is very high that it will still be repeated in your marriage.

Never be ashamed of what people will say or how the society will treat you, it’s better to be alive than be late. Even if you endure everything in your marriage, don’t ever endure domestic violence. You don’t need to divorce your spouse but you can seek legal separation till your partner get the needed help required.

If you stay in a domestic violent relationship then it shows First you don’t cherish your life neither do you consider your kids interest. Exposing your kids to domestic violence affects them negatively and if you don’t quickly stop exposing them to this then you might end up bringing up a violent adult.

There are a lot of organizations helping out victims of domestic violence, speak to them and they will give you the needed help and support you need and help you walk through this. If anyone tells you to endure domestic violence please I beg of you never listen. You are First a human being before being a spouse so you deserve to be treated as such.

No one has the right to lift a finger on you simply because you are married to him or her. Your spouse is suppose to be your friend, your soul mate, your confidant and not turn you into his or her punching bag. Once you accept to be turned into a punching bag then you will continue to be a victim and might end up loosing your life.

It is you and only you that can say enough is enough! It is only you that can decide not to be a punching bag and it starts by speaking up, getting help and leaving before your story becomes news when you are late, is that what you want?

Have you thought about your beautiful kids, do you want to be alive and take care of them or do you want to leave them to the cold hands of the world when you are gone? Simply because you didn’t have the confidence to make the right decision and leave before it’s too late? How would you take care of them, if you don’t leave now and end up dying in the process of being a punching bag. Do yourself, your spouse and your kids a favor and leave Now!

Yes! by speaking out, seeking for help or by leaving you are also doing your violent spouse a very Big favor because if you end up being killed by your spouse, he or she would either be killed or face life imprisonment, so what now become of your kids. So my dear, forget about how society, your friends and family will view you and do the right thing Now!


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