Man Falls Off Crane And Die While Evading Police


A suspected car thief who was given a hot chase at the Port of LA by Los Angeles police for stealing a SUV in Wilshire area has climbed a crane to avoid being caught by the police. All effort to persuade him to come down the crane was in vain.

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While the LAPD dives team were getting ready to chase the suspect in the crane , tragedy struck as the suspect fell of the crane and fell into a ship container at the Port of LA. He died on the spot! Imagine how the man wasted his life, for what exactly? Just a SUV. Vanity upon Vanity! His life was worth more than an SUV but obviously he never realized that. Situations like this happens when people have wrong priority, when more value is placed on material acquisition rather than living a worthy and simple life.

Unfortunately the internet and the mass media hasn’t made this easy! Everywhere you look what you see is that wealth and materials things is equalled to success. Most people has been made to belief that you are only successful when you acquired a lot of materials thing, worst still no one cares how this is acquired whether by crook or by any dishonest means. It’s time this perception has to change! Your success is not determined by what you acquire. Most times people has failed to realize that materials things does not bring fulfillment neither does it bring happiness.

Have you ever realized that when you don’t have something you desire it so much but the moment you acquire it after a while you don’t desire it as much as you did when you didn’t have it. Instead of pursuing materials things crookedly which might even cause you your life just like this case instead impact on people’s life positively and even when you are gone you will remembered for it. You must learn to be contented with what you have, it is wrong to desire what you can never afford because wrong desires gives birth to wrong doing.

The man could have been alive today if he did not steal the SUV, there would be no need for the police to chase him and there would be no need for him to climb the crane and fall of it!


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