This Is How Being Trustworthy Affects Your Success


Success is not built-in a day, likewise Trust isn’t built-in a day. It takes time to build trust and once you win the trust of your clients they will remain loyal to you. In the world today there is so much dishonesty from the woman in the next store who sells a fake product to you at the price of the original or a partner who lies to you about being in traffic just to spend time with his lover or a staff who calls in sick only to have gone for a ceremony or a boss who gives you an instruction only to turn his back on you when that same instruction gets you into trouble. I could go on and on about how dishonesty has become the order of the day. This days no one ever calls it dishonesty rather it is called being smart! But are they really smart?

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Being dishonest and not trustworthy might be beneficial but only for a short while but the long-term consequence is unimaginable. Organizations wants people they can trust, consumers wants products they can trust, for instance if you say you are selling rice only for your customer to discover he has bought sand instead of the rice you claim you are selling then he will never come back again and you might think well it’s just only him, how wrong you are because he will tell anyone who cares to listen about how terrible your product is , that is the power of referral marketing. So as you can see you might just have made some penny off him from your dishonesty but in the long-term you have lost a lot of money because he would never patronize you same goes for those he was able to convince.

If You must be successful, come clean, be trustworthy because you will be unique in a world of so much dishonesty. Your organization won’t want to lose you because they know they can always count on your words. Your customers or clients would always want to patronize you because they know your word is your bind. Be determined to be a trustworthy person despite any challenge you face, Make honesty your only Policy and definitely you will succeed.


3 Replies to “This Is How Being Trustworthy Affects Your Success

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  2. My next door store always sell fake things and manage to sweet talk his customers little did he know he was digging his grave, now hardly does anyone buy from, words have gone around about his dubious behavior

  3. I always tell my apprentice that dishonesty can never take them far, it’s better to be known for truth and be poor than to be know for falsehood and be rich . It is only a matter of time before your falsehood will hunt you.

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