This Is The Reason Marriages Are Failing


Honestly marriages this days needs the grace of God to survive and most times men are the culprit, sometimes I just wonder why men get married in the first place and what they really take women for! Take a look at most marriages hitting the rock today what is the major reason for it? Infidelity! Men has made infidelity a way of life and expect their wives to take it in good fate, worst still they have turned their wives into glorified househelp, who is there to cook their food and do their laundry while they give their love and attention to their mistress.

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They treat their mistress as goddess while they neglect the woman they vowed to love and care for at home. Unfortunately when the chips are down this their mistress that they have showered with so much love move to the next available man while they return home with their problems to the poor woman to take care of. It is very sad that many married women are in their marriages just for their children, they have no relationship what so ever with their husband. The man hardly has any intimacy with them nor know what is going on in their life. Some women have not slept with their husband in the past six months, are you saying the man hasn’t had it during this months? of course not! While the woman suffers in silence the man is busy enjoying it with his numerous girlfriends. Sometimes the woman has to beg for what rightly belongs to her and even when the man is doing it, he does it with no emotions or love. Men why? This isn’t fair, is it? When a woman then decides to cheat on them all hell is let loose, this is someone who has been doing the same thing for God knows how long.

Incase men don’t know, women has blood running in their veins and they are hurt beyond words can explain when you cheat on them. It is totally unacceptable! If you will feel hurt if she cheats on you then don’t cheat on her! Why marry her in the first place, why not remain single and have free access to sleep with the billions of girls on earth. Do you think women too don’t get tempted, do you think women don’t fall in love with someone else other than you, or you think they don’t crush over some guy? Yet they control their emotions and remain faithful to you. Is it too much to ask of you men to be faithful? Is it too much?

God is a jealous God, he said you can’t serve him and serve Baal, he just won’t accept it from you! God created us in his image and as such no woman would and should accept you as a man sleeping with her and yet another,totally unacceptable! The originator of marriage has said let the marriage bed be undefiled? Are you adhering to this command? or are you part of the men that sing the national anthem :IT IS IN MAN’S NATURE TO CHEAT. Stop deceiving yourself for if God has created you( Man) with the high tendency to cheat, he won’t have commanded that the marriage bed should not be defiled because he would have known it will be impossible for you to keep that command.

Most men need to taste their medicine in order to know how it taste, otherwise men won’t stop! Intimacy with a woman goes beyond fun, it is spiritual and also involves exchanging and mixing of destinies, the more you sleep around, the more you exchange your destinies with your mistress who might be occultic or a spiritual goddess. This is why some of you ain’t making progress in life. Enough is Enough! Is either you remain single or you are married and behave as a responsible married man. Stop taking your wife for a ride, she has feelings too, worst still your life is in your wife’s hand, why play with your life. Some men have met their early death because the woman could not take it any longer. Stop your infidelity Now!

This same infidelity has led many men to have another family outside their legal marriage, why? But you promised your wife it will be only her till death do you part, what happened to that vow? I tell you today that if you do not stop your infidelity, very soon I mean sooner than you expect you will have a taste of your own medicine and hope then you will not come crying foul and disturbing the world with your marriage problem. It’s not too late now to change and retract your step. Make amends now, that thing that attract you to other women like magnet get it for your wife. It’s all about taking a decision and sticking to it. If you sleep with only your wife you won’t die, neither will you become sick or poor! There is even more blessing for a man who values, respect and pamper his wife. SLEEP with only your wife, heavens will not fall and you will neither be less of a man. A word is enough for the wise! Stop cheating on your wife. Infidelity is a destroyer it never builds. Infidelity is a home breaker, causes emotional trauma, give it no chance in your life. Send infidelity packing quickly without giving it a second thought!

Ask God for forgiveness and start afresh, you will never have this opportunity again. Love your wife with all your heart and show it to her. Stay away from distractions and focus on your wife. She is your jewel,your queen, your heart-throb, she is the one who gave you those wonderful kids in exchange for her banging body, show her that you appreciate it by being faithful to her, I don’t think that is too much for you to do. Be faithful and say No to INFIDELITY!!

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