This Is The Best Gift To Give Your Child

Children are a precious gift from God and being a child is such a precious treasure as you can only be a child just for a short time but forever be an adult.


As a parent you need to make the best of your child’s childhood as this is the memory he or she will keep forever. Sometimes some parents believe that what a child wants most is material things such as toy,PlayStation,ice cream ,candy and so forth. Yes! Children needs all of that but there is something else they need mostly and that is Love. Your child needs your love more than anything,your child wants you to be there for him or her,play and spend quality with him or her,that’s what your child wants. There is nothing that gladden the heart of a child more than you playing with your child,its such a big deal for children incase you don’t know.

My husband is always busy working but he loves spending on the kids,one weekend he stay at home all through and he played with the children as if he was a kid,you need to see the joy and happiness In my kids,they didn’t care for food or any other thing that very day. That is exactly what they need,sometimes I crawl like a horse and carry them on my back and they love it so much.

No matter how busy you may be try and make out time for your child,try to act as a kid and play with your child,show him or her that you love and care, for once forget all the material things and give yourself to your child,that is the best gift you can ever give your child. Make your child’s childhood a memorable one by giving yourself ,your love ,your care and your time .


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