Reason You Shouldn’t Flog Your Child When You Are Angry


Children are a precious gift from the creator, it is your duty as a parent to train your child in the way he or she should go so you can have peace of mind in your old age. Sadly, a lot of parents have failed in this area which has led to having youths with no morals, youths who does not know their left from their right, youths who look up to the media and celebrities as their models.

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You as a parent have been given the responsibility of training your child and this responsibility should never be transferred to anyone. Right from the day you bring that precious gift into the world you are to nurture your child and guide him or her in life. You need to guide your child through life, letting your child know what’s is right and wrong, be firm when it comes to discipline but yet be loving. Foolishness is tied to the heart of a child says the holy book, hence sometimes you might need to flog your child when disciplining your child.

Flogging your child is no sin although some western culture frown at it, sometimes only talking to your child might not be enough to put your child on track, though this should be done reasonably and this does not mean flogging your child each time he or she does something wrong as this will defeat the purpose of flogging your child, if care is not taken your child might become use to flogging and then it won’t make any difference. Only flog Your when it is extremely necessary otherwise use other forms of discipline. Even when it is necessary to flog your child you need to be careful and put your anger in check, don’t go flogging your child as if you are flogging an animal, please don’t flog your child when you are in a bad mood or frustrated. Infact it is wrong to flog your child to the extent of giving your child scar all over his or her body that is tantamount to child abuse.

Never wait till your child is a teenager or adult before you start giving your child the necessary training because at this time it might be difficult to shape your child to the way you want. Start from infancy to teach your child right from wrong , most importantly bring up your child in the way of the lord and you will be glad you did in the future.

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