Why You Must Walk Through Life Dificulties With Your Partner

From time to time each person is face with difficult times and at this time there is need for a shoulder to lean on. One of the benefits of being in a relationship is to have a shoulder to lean on during difficult times. As part of a family you have your family members to call upon during difficult times in your life,at school you have your best friend and at work perhaps a colleague. All these people might just be there for you for a temporary time.


Marriage is a life journey and along with it come a life partner who you ought to walk through life difficulties with, you are both to share your good times and difficult times together. Take a deep look at yourself, are you that kind of partner to your spouse? Does your spouse has the confident that you will be there for him or her during the hard times.

There is a saying that a true friend is known in times of difficulties,this is the time you know who your true friend is,don’t be deceived by those that dine with you and hang around you during the good times as you can not assume that this are your friends, wait till the difficult time to know. Same goes for marital relationship, a true spouse is known during difficult times,don’t be in haste to conclude that you have the best of spouse until he or she can stick to you during hard times and give you a shoulder to lean on.

A couple was married for 5 years and during this time the man was financially buoyant and they had what seems like a perfect relationship which was the envy of all. After the man lost his job and struggled to get a job for almost 2 years to no avail, the woman started dating other men and never took care of her husband. The man still tried his best to provide the little he can but was met with abusive words from his wife. This man bought two cars for his wife worth millions during the good time and built a decent house for his wife’s parents and yet the wife couldn’t provide him with a shoulder to lean on during his hard time.

Well, unknown to the woman the man was still financially okay but pretended just to know her true character,it happened that the man never lost his job but resigned by himself to enable him concentrate on a contract he got worth several millions. When the wife realized this she became so ashamed of herself. Even though they didn’t go their separate ways but their relationship was never the same again.

Never think only about yourself by being selfish without thinking about your partner’s feeling,it is bad enough that your partner is going through a hard time,the least you can do is to make it easy for him or her by being a true confidant and by providing a shoulder for your partner to lean on.


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  1. I remembered when my father lost his job, my mother was so amazing, she was therefor my father all the way,showing him love , helping out financially and more. I did learnt a lot from them .

  2. I may be bias but I think the ladies of today are just after Money, once the money is gone they bade you goodbye ,I have my experience

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