Why You Must Agree With Your Spouse On Discipline

Charity they say begins at home, a child who is not well-trained at home will surely bring shame to his or her parents. How well do you train your child? Are you the kind of parents that spare the rod and spoil your child? Or do you ever complain that your spouse is too strict on the children?

The Holy book made it clear that stupidity is tied to the heart of a child and can only be taken away by disciplining of the child, Infact it is a child loved by the parents that is disciplined. If you think that you are showing love to your child by not disciplining him or her then you better think again!   Perhaps you are not the kind that can discipline a child perhaps because of your nature,this is understandable as most mothers especially seems to be more lenient with the children than their fathers but does that mean you should complain when your spouse administers discipline on the child/children?

Remember it takes two to tangle and there is a reason for a child having both parents and that is for your child to receive proper discipline as two heads are better than one. Hence,you must always support your spouse in disciplining your child/children, when you tend to disagree with your spouse on the discipline of your child Never say it in the presence of your child or during when the child is being disciplined as you might be setting up your home for great indiscipline. If you complain in the presence of the child ,you are unknowingly building up hatred and disrespect for  your spouse in the heart of your child and when the fruit of your work gets to ripe you will have yourself to blame. When you are not in agreement with the discipline being given to your child by your spouse, look for a conducive time to discuss about this with your partner and reach a mutual agreement with your spouse on a better way to handle the child if such situation arise again.

Join hands together with your spouse to discipline your child,so that the child will know that he or she is not being disciplined because either of you hate him or her and when a child sees that you are united with your spouse in administering discipline he would take the discipline more seriously .

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