Why You Must Not Allow Your Pursuit Of Money To Usurp Your Family Life

Money is important in life and money helps us enjoy life but there must be a limit to how much time you devote to chasing wealth. No matter how wealthy you may be you need a family to compliment your wealth and even when your wealth is gone your family will always be there for you.

There is need to make out time for your family and spend quality time with them,never allow your job,career or business take all of your time that you barely have time for your family. Dont turn your spouse to married but single or make your kids call you uncle or aunt because they barely see you at home.

Balance your chase of wealth with the time you spend with your family,your family needs you more than the financial comfort you provide for them,the time you spend with your children getting to know them and guiding them through life can never be compared with whatever material things you buy for them. Never cross the limit in your pursuit of wealth,don’t be so money conscious that you devote all your time to the chase of money to the detriment of your family.

Worst still do not be so conscious of money that you do all sort of abominable and unimaginable things to gather wealth.Having sufficient money that can be enough to take care of your family is much more important than having the whole world and not having peace of mind and love of your family. Don’t lose the love of your family by pursuing wealth and neglecting your family.

There is no gift nor wealth that can be compared to have a loving family, so don’t lose your family before you appreciate what you have.

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