Reason You Must Not Lose Confidence In Yourself

I watched a movie today and it all shows how cruel people could be. A lady who was looking for employment in a fashion designer store was told to make a sample of her designs to be sure she is fit for their organization,upon submitting her designs the next time she came ,she was told of how bad her designs were and how the designs would be no fit for their store as no customer would ever want such a design,she was told she couldn’t be employed as she is no good and knows nothing. She left the place feeling so dejected and depressed,she hated herself and started telling herself she is of no good,at that moment she lost all her confidence and the believe she had in herself.

Can you relate to this situation? Have you ever found yourself loosing confidence in yourself? Or do you ever feel you can never be good at anything? Well, the truth is that everyone is gifted that includes you. Sometimes people may talk you down and make you feel worthless but the truth is that you are not worthless,even though you may not be good at what you are doing presently that might just not be your calling perhaps. You need to look inward of you to find your gift,to find that thing you are good at and that you are passionate about. No one is worthless that is the honest truth.

Sometimes people who talk you down are only trying to erode you of your confidence perhaps because you are better than them and they have seen the potentials you have, like the story I started off with,it happened that the owner of the fashion store loved the design but only wanted to steal the designs, can you imagine that ! Whereas the lady has lost confidence in herself thinking she can’t do good designs.

Never stop believing in yourself because others do not,everyone to its own opinion,never let someone be the one to determine whether you are good or not. Keep doing what you are doing and someday you will definitely meet someone who knows your worth. Never lose your confidence or stop believing in yourself because others do not .

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