Teach Your Child Contentment

Contentment is very important in life both for a child and adult. It is much important as a child to appreciate the importance of being contented with what you can provide because this will determine your child’s outlook to life as an adult.  A child who is never contented will hardly be contented even as an adult.

A lot of adults who have choose the wrong path in life is because they weren’t taught the importance of contentment as a child . Teach your child that he or she can never have all the goodies in life and no one ever does by the way no matter how rich the parents are. Your child must know from early age that the most important thing you must provide are his or her needs and not want. Wants can only be provided as at when necessary .

Dont always provide what your child wants at his or her beck and call, sometimes let your child work for it by giving him or her a task to be completed at an agreed time before  getting what he or she wants, by doing this your child will appreciate and treasure what you have provided and also by giving your child a task to do before buying what your child want you would help your child to know he or she has to work for what he needs as there is no free lunch anywhere.

Teach your child not to loathe for what you can not provide or to wish to have whatever his or her friends have . Let your child see the danger of not being contented as it can lead to greed and a desire to steal from others. Your child must know that contentment brings peace of mind and helps one stays within his or her limit.

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