Are You Satisfied With What You Have

Are you satisfied with what you have? Unfortunately today a lot of people are not satisfied with what they have,they always want more or want to have what others have even when it is not necessary  which has made many to choose the wrong path.

Have you ever wondered why your partner cheats on you? It’s simply because of lack of satisfaction which leads to selfishness and greed. When you lack satisfaction you start to long for what you do not need. Lack of satisfaction is seen in every day life even in politics,you see a leader who has been in power for many years but refuses to go because of lack of satisfaction which has led to greed and power intoxication.

Its even more shameful how people are not satisfied with their self,either they do not like their nose, looks or even their gender and they try to get all these changed. There is nothing wrong in enhancing your beauty but when you start to cross the limits then you need to be cautious.  Lack of satisfaction has led many not to be contented with their needs and they do all sort of aborminable and unimaginable things to get wealth just because of lack of satisfaction.

Worst still some use their parents or siblings for money rituals and join all sort of occultic group just to become extremely wealthy when in reality they do not need as much  money  as they desire. Being contented and satisfied is a great virtue that everyone must strive to have.

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