This Is The person That Can Make You Happy

Happiness is very essential to life, everyone wants to be happy and I am yet to meet someone who does not want to be happy. Your happiness can depend on a number of things and this differ from person to person. What may bring me happiness might not necessarily bring you happiness and as such happiness is subjective.

Sometimes certain occurrences might erode you of your happiness or you might be in the midst of those who are referred to as joy killers,they deriving joy in making others sad. Joy killers are very good in irritating someone and hate seeing someone happy. Most times such people are seen in the office in the name of a boss. They always look for a way to frustrate you and make you sad perhaps by even saying hurtful things to you and finding fault with your work.

The truth is no matter what or who is making you sad only one person can make you happy and that person is YOU! You have the power to make yourself happy regardless of your circumstance, only you can decide whether to be sad because of what someone said or did to you or to ignore the person or situation and be happy.

No matter how any one can plead with you or try to persuade to forget a situation and be happy, you can decide against listening to the plea and remain sad,in like manner when someone says hurtful things to you expecting to erode you of your happiness and make you sad,you can disappoint that person by remaining happy. As you can see, your happiness lies in your hand, even though some external factors can influence it but bottom line it is only you who can determine or permit those factors to either take away your happiness or to remain happy.

Haven seen that you alone can determine your happiness never ever allow life worries to rob you of your happiness.


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