Working Smart Versus Working Hard Which Is More Important

Being Hardworking is a great virtue ,no one likes a lazy person,Infact there is a saying that there is no food for a lazy person. Hardwork is important but working smart is better.


In many organizations people who get promoted are not those who work hard but rather those that work smart, those that produced result. Hardwork without result is more or less like not working at all. You need to learn to work smart by doing your work in such a way that it will produce the desired result. No one cares if you sleep in the office everyday or meet 100 customer’s everyday if you don’t meet your target. To work smart means doing the right thing at the right time with in the shortest possible time.

Many times I have heard the phrase “I do the most work here but he or she gets the praise” do you know why that happened? It’s because your colleague instead of working hard,works smart. One day I went to bank A to make an enquiry on my account,I needed to know if I had any outstanding on my account,the customer service officer kept me waiting for about 20mins to retrieve the information from the physical file. A week later I visited Bank B for same thing as I wanted to regularise all my bank accounts,on getting to Bank B the same information that took Bank A 20mins to give me was given to me within 1 minute. Obviously the customer service in Bank B has the details of customer’s outstandings on her computer. Who would you have preferred,  the customer service in Bank A or Bank B?  of course Bank B that is what is called working smart.

when you work smart you always get yourself ready for an opportunity so that when an opportunity present itself you grab it but when you work hard you will wait for the opportunity first before you get ready. Learn to work smart today!


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