Importance Of Having Self Control

Self control is being able to hold back yourself when tempted into doing what is wrong. Self control is very important in all facet of life and is needed by both children and adults. It takes courage and strength to exhibit self-control when needed.

In your daily life you need to exhibit self-control while dealing with others,it is only a coward that  give in easily when faced with difficult situation rather than holding back. Self control can save you a whole lot of trouble,for instance let’s assume you get into an argument with your spouse and maybe your spouse even slaps you but you decide to walk away rather than hitting your partner back whereas another couple who couldn’t exercise self-control retaliated when hit by the spouse and got into a fight which led to the death of one of them. Just imagine the trouble you saved yourself from.

When people treat you badly they expect you to react and when you react you have just fallen into their trap but when you exhibit self-control by not reacting you disappoint the person. By exhibiting self-control you show you are a leader and not a follower,leaders do not react spontaneously to issues,they think it through and exhibit a lot of self-control, whereas a follower reacts spontaneously and hardly exhibit self-control when faced with though situations. Show that you are a leader and not a follower by exhibiting self-control in your daily relationship with people and also safeguard yourself from troubles that comes with lack of self-control. Show that you are not a coward but courageous by exhibiting self-control.

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