Reason You Should Never Give Up When Going Through Hard Time

Life journey is never a smooth one,there are good times and there are bad times but for some either one of it might be much more than the other while for some its balance. This means that for some individuals the good times in their life is much more than the bad times which is what most people wish for ,while for some people the bad times in their life is much more than the good times in their life,most people don’t ever wish for this and the third kind of people are people who’s both good and bad times are on a 50-50 level meaning none is higher than the other .

No one ever wants or likes a bad time,I don’t too but the reality of life is that you can never have it all good all the time. Most people have faced a bad time at a point in their life or are facing a bad time at the moment but the difference is in the way each person handles their bad time. First and foremost I want you to know that everything that has a positive side has a negative side and everything that has a positive side has a negative side which means that when you are going through a difficult time you must try to look at the positive side of it and dwell on that.

This is by no means easy but that is the best thing to do. For instance if you lose your job,the immediate reaction is to be sad,depressed and perhaps aggressive towards people around you but as time goes by, if you calm down and look for the positive side of it, you may discover that your loosing your job will make you realize the hidden talent you have that when put to good use will  earn you much more than when you were employed and would make you have more time for yourself.

Perhaps you had a miscarriage,though this might be very painful but you might learn from the experience and next time avoid what led to the miscarriage.  As you can see you need to develop a positive attitude when facing a hard time and dwell more on how to get a solution to your problem rather than complaining or blaming others for your problem.

Even those you admire so much that their life seems to be glamorous and perfect also have their problems but try to cover it up and then you think their life is perfect.

Whatever problem you face today will not last forever,it’s just for a little while. Life is just a phase,look back at 10 years ago are you still doing the same thing you did back then? Probably not,so this is just a phase in your life that will definitely pass away,so do not take any decision that you will end up regretting or ever think of taking your life or become a drunk as all this would not resolve your problem.

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