How To Remain Attractive To Your Spouse

Marriage is a journey and not a destination. Today some spouse especially the wives feel marriage is a destination,so once married they feel they have reached their destination and so no effort is required any more to remain attractive to their spouse. How wrong they are!

Marriage is like a journey and to make the journey interesting you need to be innovative and continuously spice it up. Over the years most spouse get tired of each other and no longer attracted to each other, most times this has to do with the physical look. Some men start to develop a pot belly as if they were into a pregnancy competition with their wife while some women just let go off themselves and become size whale. Remember that if your spouse wasn’t attracted to you he or she won’t have married you so it is important for you to remain attractive  to your partner.

First you need to watch the food intake, don’t eat too much food or food that will make you add excess weight and don’t eat late at night. Exercise daily to keep fit and slim and continuously dress well and be neat. There is no way your partner can be attracted to you if you are dirty, I remembered a lady that once called in on a radio station complaining that her husband is terribly dirty,how do you expect such a woman to be attracted to the man. Well, you may argue that it is the woman’s duty to take care of the man but what if the man doesn’t agree to be taken care of.

Take your Bath regularly,especially after a hard day’s work,apply perfume and smell nice and for the ladies you can also apply a little make up. Stop wearing the same cloth everyday even when it is obvious the cloth is dirty or refuse to use a deodorant even when you know you have a body odour  and sweat a lot in the armpit. Shave regularly and look clean,shave your beard or keep it very neat and for the women shave your Private Part and your armpit and wash your private part regularly . Wear clean undi*s,don’t wear undi*s that will disgust your partner. Get new undi*s from time to time.

All these things I mentioned above are not difficult to do or are they? Do these and more and you will remain attractive to your partner.



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